*  You have to submit the credits for the photos that you submit.  Photographer, wardrobe, hair and makeup, and any agency credits.  It is also your responsibility to make sure all names are spelled correctly. All credits must be submitted with the photo you are emailing.  Please label each photo if they have different credits.  If you are submitting and you are given us the wrong information you will be the one held responsible for errors.  So please make sure and double check yourself.

*  If you are submitting the editorial and you are not the photographer, please confirm you have permission, or release from the photographer that owns the copyrights to the images. 

*  Once an image is accepted to be published, you are granting us the permission to use your work in any of our publications, videos, websites,advertisements, marketing pieces, and any other mediums or formats. Like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.  You have released these photos to Snap Model Magazine 


*  The quality of the images are not acceptable for print.

*  You have to go "Like us" on Facebook.  This is how we let everyone know if they made it in the MAGAZINE!!

How do I Submit Photos 

​snap model magazine​

*  Submission guidelines not followed.  


*  No selfies, No Snapchat filters, No nudity please.               MUST be professional quality please.  

All decisions made by Snap Model Magazine are final.  Not all photos submitted will make it into the magazine..  keep trying!!!

*  The magazine that you submitted for is full, look for other volumes to be published at later date.

*  We need high resolution photos, 8.5" x 11" 300 dpi, photo needs to be at least 1.5 MB or higher.

*   Send us an EMAIL with 2-5 photos that you would like to submit.  What kind of photos do we accept?   All genres, models of all races, genders. This is an ART MAGAZINE so the more WOW, the better. 

Danielle Collins

​Why did you not publish my photos?